How do I add my custom columns to the Grouping drawer?

Calibre Companion supports grouping on calibre custom columns. To group on a custom column, add that column to Calibre Companion’s list of custom columns to show in the grouping drawer. You do this by clicking the menu button on your device (usually three dots), choosing "Settings", "Grouping Drawer", then choosing "Group/sort on custom columns". Put a check in the box next to any custom column you want to see in the grouping drawer.

By default columns you add will be shown in the Grouping drawer and the Sort menu. You can remove the column from the grouping drawer in Settings, Grouping Drawer, Select groups to show. You can remove the column from the Sort menu in Sorting, Select sorts to show in menu.

When you add or change check marks in this setting, Calibre Companion must rebuild some information in the database. If you have a large number of books in Calibre Companion this process can take a few moments. You can see a progress indicator by checking the status bar.

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